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FMC Technologies, Inc.
The Company
FMC Technologies, Inc is a leading global provider of technology solutions for the energy industry. Named by Fortune Magazine as one of the World’s Most Admired Oil and Gas Equipment Service Companies in 2012, FMC has approximately 19,000 employees and operate 30 production facilities in 16 countries.

FMC Technologies designs, manufactures and services technologically sophisticated systems and products for the oil and gas industry, including subsea production and processing systems, surface wellhead, fluid control, marine loading systems, measurement solutions, separation systems, material handling solutions, blending and transfer systems, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and ROV manipulator arms, integrated subsea services, completion services, and control and automation systems.

The primary business of FMC is the development of subsea technologies that encompass a wide range of equipment and solutions necessary to operate offshore oil and gas fields. Headquartered in Houston, long known as the Energy Capital of the World, FMC Technologies’ people, technologies and performance consistently sets FMC apart from its competition, making it the industry leader by market share for subsea production equipment. FMC has a strong global presence in all of the world’s major deepwater basins including the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, offshore West Africa, offshore Brazil and the Asia Pacific region.

FMC Customers
The strength of FMC’s customer alliances is a significant asset to FMC Technologies and has resulted in many of FMC’s subsea awards with the world’s leading national and independent oil companies. In the last few years, FMC expanded its existing Gulf of Mexico alliance with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation into a global alliance and FMC secured a global agreement with BP for subsea production systems that broadened its existing Gulf of Mexico and West Africa Block 18 contracts. FMC also signed a new agreement with BP Norge as well as an exclusive global alliance with Shell.

The Gulf of Mexico has continually presented some of the world’s most promising and unique field discoveries. FMC Technologies has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions for its customers in the Gulf for decades, including support of BP’s Thunder Horse, ExxonMobil’s Hadrian and Shell’s Perdido developments. The Perdido field is the location of the world’s current deepwater completion record, where an FMC Technologies subsea system was placed into production 9,627 feet below the surface.

In Africa, where most of the subsea projects are located on the continent’s west coast, FMC Technologies has supported three of the region’s largest deepwater projects to date including Pazflor and CLOV, both operated by Total, and the Jubilee field, operated by Tullow.

FMC Technologies also supports most of the active operators in the Asia-Pacific region and offshore Australia. Shell’s Prelude development project in this region is using revolutionary technologies jointly developed between Shell and FMC Technologies to access offshore gas fields that would otherwise be too costly or difficult to develop.

The North Sea has been the origin of many of FMC’s current technology successes. Tracing its roots to Statoil’s Tordis field, FMC Technologies has five subsea separation projects across the world where oil, gas, sand and water are separated at the seabed to reduce costs and allow operators to maximize production and investment. Similar innovations continue today with technologies such as well intervention that can increase oil recovery and systems designed to support arctic projects that have resulted in FMC Technologies being selected to provide subsea systems for Gazprom’s Kirinskoye field, Russia’s first subsea project.

Petrobras, the national oil company of Brazil, is the primary offshore operator in that country where approximately 600 subsea wells are producing oil and gas. A majority of those wells have subsea production systems supplied by FMC Technologies including Petrobras’ Pre-salt, Marlim and Congro/Covina fields.

FMC’s involvement in Brazil’s offshore projects also includes systems installed at Statoil’s Peregrino field and Shell’s Parque das Conchas. FMC Technologies is supporting this high-growth region through the Technology Center which was built by FMC Technologies in Rio de Janeiro in 2010.

Onshore, the strength of activity in shale and other unconventional formations has fundamentally changed the energy industry in North America. This has led significant demand in FMC Technologies for well surface pumps, trees and manifolds to support hydraulic fracturing operations. Despite natural gas prices dropping, demand for FMC Technologies’ equipment and services to support horizontal drilling and fracturing operations remains strong due to its customers shifting resources to the production of oil and natural gas liquids. FMC’s acquisition in 2012 of Pure Energy Services Ltd., a provider of fracturing flowback services and wireline services, complements its existing products and services and creates client value by providing an integrated well site solution. Internationally, horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing activities are emerging in Argentina, China, Poland and Saudi Arabia, and FMC is well positioned to support these regions with its proven equipment and services.

FMC’s longstanding partnerships with its customers demonstrate the depth and breadth of its experience and market leadership. FMC’s alliances position it to receive additional project awards and often present opportunities to apply new technologies.

The FMC Community
Across the globe, FMC Technologies actively seeks opportunities to enhance the communities in which FMC operates. FMC especially seeks to promote the enrichment of young lives through improved education and opportunities to grow and develop. This is particularly true in the Houston area where FMC actively supports mathematics and science programs at local elementary schools. FMC is also a strong supporter of Spindletop International, a non-profit organization benefiting projects and programs that directly serve youth in need. FMC’s support of education also extends to many of the Houston-area colleges and universities at which FMC sponsors a variety of projects that give students the opportunity to work on real-world scenarios with the guidance and expertise of FMC Technologies employees.

For more than two decades, FMC Technologies has supported United Way of Greater Houston. FMC sponsors many fundraising events to promote awareness and increase participation among employees and the community. Because of these efforts, FMC’s program is one of the Top 10 fundraisers in the Houston area, raising more than $1.5 million in each of the last several years. FMC also actively supports the American Heart Association, both through direct donations and through participation in the annual Houston Heart Walk.

FMC Technologies encourages employees to participate in a number of other fundraising events, including the National Association for Mental Illness walk, the Shell Houston Open golf tournament, the BP MS150 Bike Tour and the Salvation Army Angel Tree. As part of FMC’s commitment to be a good neighbor, FMC also offers two contribution programs for employees; The Matching Gift Plan matches employee charitable contributions dollar-for-dollar and Donations for Doers provides support for eligible organizations at which FMC employees volunteer their time.
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