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FMC Technologies, Inc.

A Global Company with a Local Face

FMC's primary business is the development of subsea technologies that encompass a wide range of equipment and solutions necessary to operate offshore oil and gas fields. We are the industry leader in market share for subsea production equipment and we have a strong global presence in all of the world's major deepwater basins, including the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, West Africa, Brazil and Asia Pacific regions.

In Africa, where most of the subsea projects are concentrated on the west coast of the continent, FMC has supported three of the region’s largest deepwater projects to date. This includes Pazflor and CLOV, both operated by Total, as well as the Jubilee field operated by Tullow.

In the Asia Pacific region, subsea activity is mainly concentrated offshore Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia. FMC supports the most active operators in this region, including customers BHP Billiton, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Murphy, Reliance, Shell and Woodside. FMC also has alliance agreements with Woodside in Australia and a global supply agreement with Shell that have resulted in our significant presence in the area’s highest profile projects. This includes Shell’s Prelude development, a
floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) project using revolutionary technologies to access offshore gas fields that would otherwise be too costly or difficult to develop.

In the North Sea, exploration and development activities began in the southern part of the Norwegian Continental Shelf in the 1960s and continue to this day. Subsea developments started out as tie backs to existing platforms, which is still the case for smaller developments in the region. The North Sea has also been the origin of many of our current technology successes. For example, today, FMC has six subsea separation projects across the world, where oil, gas, sand and water are separated at the seabed to reduce costs and allow operators to maximize production and investment. All of these projects can trace their roots to Statoil’s Tordis field in the North Sea, the world’s first commercial application of a full-scale subsea separation system. Similar innovations continue today with technologies such as well intervention that can increase oil recovery, and systems designed to support arctic projects that have resulted in FMC being selected to provide subsea systems for Gazprom’s Kirinskoye field, Russia’s first subsea project.

Petrobras, the national oil company of Brazil, is the main operator offshore that country, where approximately 600 subsea wells are in operation. A majority of those wells include subsea production systems supplied by FMC Technologies, including Petrobras’ Marlim and Congro/Corvina fields.

Our projects offshore Brazil also include systems installed at Chevron’s Frade field and Shell’s Parque das Conchas. The region is evolving to one of the world’s largest offshore areas, and will be supported by our recently constructed South America Technology Center in Rio de Janeiro.

Closer to home, the Gulf of Mexico has continually presented some of the world’s most promising and unique field discoveries. FMC has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions for customers in the Gulf for decades, and today our reliable systems are used in high-pressure / high-temperature reservoirs where the hydrocarbons can exceed 350 degrees Fahrenheit and pressure flow can reach 15,000 psi. Examples of recent projects that FMC has supported include the three largest fields in the Gulf—BP’s Thunder Horse, ExxonMobil’s Hadrian and Shell’s Perdido developments. The Perdido field also is the location of the world’s current deepwater completion record, where an FMC subsea system was placed into production 9,356 feet—or nearly two miles—below the surface.

People, Technology and Performance

FMC Technologies is backed by more than a century of accomplishments in a wide range of complex and exacting business specialties. While there is great strength in the diversity of our business and product portfolio, there is a common denominator that ties each of our businesses together—knowledge-based solutions engineering and a commitment to attracting and retaining the most talented workplace in the industry.

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