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Total Safety U.S., Inc.
11111 Wilcrest Green Drive, Suite 300
Houston, TX 77042

tel: (713) 353-7100
fax: (713) 785-1475

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Total Safety U.S., Inc.
Industrial Safety Solutions

Formed in December 1994 to serve the industrial safety needs of the oil and gas industry, Total Safety is now the leading, unmatched global provider of integrated industrial safety services, strategies and equipment necessary to keep workers, facilities and the environment safe. Total Safety not only delivers complete, cost-effective safety-service solutions to its customers as promised and without compromise; it also has the resources and support to back it up.

Headquartered in Houston, with more than 140 locations worldwide in 20 countries, Total Safety has in place the people, programs and processes to deliver the oil and gas industry’s best industrial safety services, warning and response systems and equipment tailored to each company’s specific business needs.

Total Safety practices an unwavering commitment to its mission to ensure the well-being of workers worldwide. To support its goals, Total Safety employs thousands of experts as its family of safety providers, known as the Total Safety HEROES, who develop equipment, devise and implement management systems and train workers on new technologies that keep them safe and healthy. With more than 7 million hours committed to safety in 2013 alone, Total Safety delivers unmatched risk mitigation and operating-cost reductions without compromise anywhere it is needed.

In just two short decades, Total Safety has transformed itself through internal growth, 21 acquisitions and its comprehensive array of industrial safety services into an industry leader in a variety of end markets. Now the world’s leading premier global provider of integrated safety services, communications, strategies and equipment for hazardous environments, Total Safety continues to meet and fulfill any company’s safety objectives.

When it comes to jobs with dangerous or hazardous high-risk conditions—fires, falls, gas leaks, respiratory inhibitors and more—no matter the industry or part of the world, Total Safety is the company you can count on to keep employees, neighbors and the environment safe.
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