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Baylor College of Medicine
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Baylor College of Medicine
Making Healthcare Personal

At Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), we’re committed to transforming human health through the delivery of personalized medicine, combining the highest-quality medicine, unparalleled service and medical care tailored to each individual’s biology to better predict, prevent and treat disease.

In 2005, after decades of extraordinary achievements in research, education and patient care, we opened the doors to Baylor Clinic, bringing to life a new era of adult clinical care – one that combines multiple specialties under one roof, in a collaborative, high-tech environment with a remarkably personal approach.

Baylor Clinic delivers outpatient care the way it should be – convenient, comprehensive, respectful of patients’ time and highly effective in preventing, diagnosing and treating disease, thanks to leading-edge therapies based on the latest biomedical research. Patients benefit from the combined knowledge of some of the best minds in medicine and science, offering expertise across the full range of medical specialties and extraordinary care in areas like cancer, neurology and cardiovascular care.

In 2011, Baylor College of Medicine will once again alter the landscape of healthcare with the opening of Baylor Clinic and Hospital, the first facility built from the ground up to deliver personalized care. This 1.2 million square foot, state-of-the-art campus will integrate science, medicine and service as never before, replacing traditional “one-size-fits-all” healthcare with personalized therapies based on the latest biomedical discoveries.

At Baylor College of Medicine, we believe healthcare is personal. We’re treating it that way. Find out more at

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