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Spectrum Geo, Inc.
16225 Park Ten Place, Suite 300
Houston, TX 77084

tel: (281) 647-0602
fax: (281) 647-0926

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Spectrum Geo, Inc.

Spectrum is established as a key player in the seismic services market. The company focuses on delivering high-quality Multi-Client seismic data and holds the world’s largest 2D library.

Spectrum is among the seismic industry’s fastest growing companies. It continues to build on the company’s reputation as a reliable seismic service provider serving a global clientele from offices strategically located throughout the world.

Spectrum’s corporate mission is to deliver world-leading Multi-Client and Seismic Imaging services through persistence, dedication and commitment to quality.

Spectrum targets key regions of hydrocarbon prospectivity, de-risking areas through geological analysis and by solving seismic imaging challenges. The goal is to enable clients to make better exploration decisions with the data they purchase.

Spectrum’s Multi-Client data library specializes in regional coverage and includes projects from the foremost oil producing regions of the world. It is made up of 3.45 million km of high-quality 2D seismic alongside more than 161,000 km2 of significant 3D coverage. The experienced teams of geoscientists integrate seismic interpretation to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of the basins in which we work. This information guides future Multi-Client projects targeting key plays and solving any imaging challenges to provide a valuable exploration tool to clients.

Spectrum offers a wide range of modern Seismic Imaging techniques to overcome even the toughest data processing challenges. Spectrum’s geophysicists provide sophisticated 3D and 2D services in both the time and depth domain, for customers worldwide. Irrespective of location, Spectrum’s global imaging centers are equipped with high-speed data transfer capabilities facilitating a global 24-hour processing operation. Spectrum is committed to the development and commercialization of innovative geophysical technologies and Seismic Imaging techniques.
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