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Versabar, Inc.
11349 FM 529 Road
Houston, TX 77041

tel: (713) 937-3100
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Versabar, Inc.
The Power of Engineering Delivered

Founded on the West Bank of New Orleans, Louisiana in 1981 as a specialty heavy-lift company, Versabar has evolved to become a recognized leader in applying engineered solutions to a wide variety of industry challenges.

In 30 years of performing lift projects around the world, Versabar has gained the trust and respect of customers from every segment of the energy sector. Versabar’s rigging, weighing, and testing divisions have introduced an unprecedented degree of performance reliability into the field of lifting and pulling.

Known for innovative lift devices such as the “Bottom Feeder,” “Versatruss,” “Versabuild,” “VB 10,000,” and “Claw,” Versabar has a recognizable presence not only in the Gulf Coast region, but worldwide. The company’s proven expertise in single-piece topside topside installation, decommissioning and retrieval, riser pull-in systems, and deck-raising technology has ideally positioned Versabar to assist customers with offshore challenges and deepwater development.

Versabar is unique in that it is a solution-driven engineering company that fabricates what it designs, systematically tests what it fabricates, and provides trained technicians to operate the equipment once it is deployed to the project site.

The company’s growth received a boost in 2004 when Versabar opened a facility in Houston to develop closer relationships with its oil and gas customers in the Bayou City. The property includes administration, fabrication, and testing facilities. Meanwhile, the company’s original facility maintains a powerful engineering and fabricating presence on the Gulf Coast. The Houston location, coupled with the company’s bulkhead frontage on the Intracoastal Waterway in New Orleans, has made it possible for Versabar to provide enhanced services to customers all over the world.

Versabar is proud to contribute to Houston’s international reputation as the epicenter of innovation for the oil and gas industry.
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