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Percheron, LLC
16000 Barkers Point Lane, Suite 250
Houston, TX 77079

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Percheron, LLC
Fully Integrated Land Services

Percheron offers its specialized expertise in land, right-of-way, surveying and environmental services through its three business units—Energy, Field Services and Survey—with cutting-edge technology, exceptional client service and timely and efficient project management. Forged from the 2012 merger of Mason Dixon Energy, OGM Land, Percheron Acquisitions and Percheron Surveying, Percheron LLC is the first nationwide integrated land services provider headquartered in Houston.

Percheron’s leading-edge services come from the latest field and back-office technologies providing the resources to ensure accuracy and total project assurance. The Percheron network of more than 1,000 highly skilled professionals helps connect clients with licensed, certified and reliable industry experts who handle projects professionally and go beyond to serve them as a priority. By applying services through Percheron’s Project Management Office (PMO), the highest level of quality control is monitored on every project, ensuring delivery of the most streamlined, efficient and reliable results every time. Emphasizing accountability, transparency, consistency, efficiency and reliability, the PMO keeps clients’ fingers on the pulse of their projects.

Through Nsite Technology, Percheron offers a cutting-edge web-based GIS reporting tool. These web-based tools offer an easily accessible, fully integrated business intelligence resource that provides dashboard-delivered information throughout all project phases. This represents complete coverage for feasibility, survey, acquisition, environmental, construction and document management. Percheron offers the resources needed to ensure accuracy and proven performance for total project assurance.

When it comes to exploration and production land management, Percheron Energy’s most experienced and dedicated professionals handle upstream projects across the country by leveraging a complete range of fully integrated resources keeping projects on track and delays, surprises and worry out of the process. Percheron professionals are members of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) and provide attention to detail unmatched in the industry.

For right-of-way projects, negotiations and acquisitions, Percheron Field Services has proven the only comprehensive nationwide provider. Its industry-certified experts understand pipeline, electric transmission and public project right-of-way needs and employ the latest project-management technologies that deliver consistent results. Percheron’s right-of-way experts have vast experience and maintain heavy involvement in the International Right of Way Association (IRWA).

Percheron Survey maintains accuracy, consistency and reliable results with its licensed, vastly knowledgeable experts who work to understand clients’ specific business and project needs. From right-of-way acquisition surveys to comprehensive environmental services, each project’s demands are met consistently with extensive quality assurance processes and the industry’s leading technology.
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