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Human-Powered Geoscience©

Founded in 1990, Interactive Exploration Solutions Inc. (INEXS®) is a relationship-driven geological, geophysical and petroleum engineering consulting company offering fully integrated regional and field studies and evaluations of undeveloped reserves. Specializing in seeing patterns, applying analogies, differentiating nuances, accurately describing subsurface complexities and quantifying economic hydrocarbon accumulations, INEXS brings clients clarity and assesses further drilling potential with full 2D and 3D integrated evaluations.

“Powered” by a team of professionals averaging 25 years of industry experience, the INEXS methodology is founded on proven work flows based on core competencies that are adapted to match clients’ project needs. The full range of INEXS services for the oil and gas industry—Project Management, Asset Evaluation, Resource Plays and Exploration Interpretation—are evaluated and delivered by highly skilled and experienced people using the latest technologies.

The authoritative INEXS difference in every evaluation is its emphasis on regional geology and Human-Powered Geoscience©, which focuses not only on the projects but on the relationships fostered and maintained with asset team members and managers who trust INEXS to deliver success. To date, INEXS has completed more than 1,700 projects in 39 countries and maintains long-term relationships with hundreds of operating companies and national oil companies.

Emphasizing the integration of all geological sciences along with petroleum engineering as the foundation of successful long-term relationships with clients, INEXS provide consulting services that connect clients to successful prospects and opportunities that further their businesses while focusing on adding value to the relationship itself as colleagues and allies with the shared objective of economic success.

INEXS provides project management for outsourced exploration, exploitation and development programs with clients throughout the world, including the U.S. onshore and offshore basins, Canada, Mexico, the North Sea, Russia, Turkey, India, China, Indonesia, Australia and countries throughout Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East.
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