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Frank's International, Inc.
10260 Westheimer, Suite 700
Houston, TX 77042

tel: (281) 966-7300
fax: (281) 558-0948

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Frank's International, Inc.
Headquartered in Houston, Frank’s International provides a broad and comprehensive range of tubular technologies to the oil and gas industry. As it operates under the guiding principle to provide a quality job at a fair cost, this philosophy quickly earned Frank’s a reputation for being the most honest and reliable provider of services of its kind.

The roots of Frank’s International lie in the entrepreneurial spirit and legacy of Mr. Frank Mosing, who established Frank’s Casing Crew & Rental Tools in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1938.

In turn, Frank’s International was formed by Donald Keith Mosing in 1981 as a separate and independent company. That company has expanded across North America and throughout the world to serve customers from more than 90 manufacturing facilities in approximately 60 countries on six continents. Today, Frank’s International and Frank’s Casing Crew and Rental Tools cooperate under one strategic alliance.

With unmatched expertise and dedication in the oil and gas industry and numerous patents for innovative tools with state-of-the-art applications, Frank’s International also offers diverse capabilities that include casing crews and tools, tubing services, CRA specialty services, large OD pipe and fabrication, conductor installation, primary cementing products, riser fabrication, installation and repair as well as engineering and research and development services.

To maintain its commitment in delivering quality and dependable service, Frank’s International began designing and manufacturing its own equipment when the “off-the-shelf” tools did not meet the company’s criteria for ruggedness or dependability. At the core of Frank’s operations is the casing services division, which, as with all areas of the business, demands the highest standards of training, testing and maintenance on all tools and equipment to ensure a safe, efficient and productive work environment.

Managed and owned by four generations of Mosings, Frank’s International has continued to grow and excel in the challenging and ever-evolving oil and gas industry. Frank’s has created jobs all over the world and worked diligently to give back to the industry through safety and equipment innovations that target the most difficult and high-profile projects.

Safety is the top service offered by Frank’s International so it is a companywide commitment embedded in every aspect of the business. Frank’s prides itself in continuously finding new and effective methods to uphold its dedication to safety. This has resulted in some of the most cautious and prepared personnel in the industry and is evident in Frank’s unprecedented hands-on training approach, specialized manufacturing equipment and commitment to health and safety and environmental issues.

From innovative engineers to the highly trained, skilled workers on the rig, Frank’s team always seeks new solutions to address recent developments in tubular services. Through the years, Frank’s pioneering approach has given the company the opportunity to expand its products, services and technology and to acquire complementary companies like Pilot Drilling Control and Paramode.

Furthermore, Frank’s patented tools save clients time and money, and such diligence is why the world’s largest and most recognized oil exploration and production companies trust Frank’s to get the job done right. As a testament to that trust, surveys conducted by EnergyPoint Research consistently rank Frank’s at the top of the list in client satisfaction.
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