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Kuraray America, Inc.
2625 Bay Area Boulevard, Suite 600
Houston, TX 77058

tel: (800) 423-9762
fax: (713) 495-7322

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Kuraray America, Inc.
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Kuraray America is a global leader in specialty chemical, fiber and resin production. With top-of-the-line research and production facilities in Houston with a vast network of supplies from around the world, Kuraray leads the industry in specialty dental adhesives, fiber, resins and elastomer products.

With research facilities in Germany, Japan and the United States, Kuraray provides services to its customers that range from short-runs to extensive product testing. At the Houston-based Research and Technical Center, Kuraray offers customers a variety of technical services, ranging from process trials, new-applications testing, to material evaluation and analysis.

Kuraray stands for confidence—in quality production, market-leading research and development, customer satisfaction and leading its industry into the future. Committed to market leadership and developing products that ensure quality, Kuraray helps customers stand out from their competition.

Kuraray develops products that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary—pulp to paper, glue to glass, plastic into food packaging. From films that make glass safer to coatings that protect the environment from chemicals, Kuraray’s products are used in diverse applications across industries. In the Houston area, Kuraray manufactures EVAL (ethylene vinyl alcohol), Kuraray POVAL (polyvinyl alcohol) and a variety of elastomers under the trade names SEPTON and HYBRAR. These products impact the day-to-day lives of everyone. From your automotive fuel tank to your toothbrush, Kuraray products make it possible.

What makes Kuraray’s products so successful is the quality and safety of its people. Kuraray is committed to being a leader of safety in its industry, continually working to enhance safety and risk management by improving operations processes. Kuraray gives back to its communities by providing jobs, using local suppliers and operators and supporting community activities and development. Furthermore, employees are encouraged to volunteer in the community and represent the values that Kuraray shares.
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