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ION Geophysical Corporation
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Houston, TX 77042

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ION Geophysical Corporation
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ION Geophysical, Inc.
Charged to Innovate. Driven to Solve.

Since our founding more than 40 years ago as a manufacturer of land seismic equipment, ION has evolved into a leading provider of advanced, integrated geophysical solutions that help oil and gas companies and seismic contractors overcome their greatest imaging and operational challenges. Within ION, the GeoVentures team offers BasinSPANS™ and ResSCANS™ seismic acquisition and processing programs, which provide exploration and production (E&P) companies a superior alternative to traditional 2-D and 3-D multiclient data.

BasinSPANS are geologically inspired, basin-scale seismic-data programs acquired and depth-imaged by ION’s unmatched GX Technology experts using the most advanced geological and geophysical processing tools available. They provide upstream companies with the ability to evaluate the geologic evolution, deep-basin architecture and depositional and structural histories of entire petroleum systems in a region. Our BasinSPAN data library has grown to include more than 50 SPAN programs, delivering a total of more than 300,000 kilometers of high-quality seismic data to E&P operators, exploring frontier basins around the world.


Key challenges associated with unconventional resource-play exploration and production revolve around understanding the variability in rock properties to effectively define and manage drilling and completion programs. ION’s GeoVentures group designs ResSCAN programs to address these key challenges. Relying on upfront geological, petrophysical and rock physics analysis, ResSCAN 3-D programs establish what seismic attributes provide the most predictive expression of key reservoir properties for a given shale play and, most importantly, the impact an operators’ drilling and well-completion engineering parameters and decisions. All ResSCAN programs employ ION’s GXT data-processing technology and techniques and rely on quantitative interpretation to derive highly optimized seismic attributes.

Through the development and deployment of advanced technologies and services across the entire seismic lifecycle, ION has created a comprehensive toolkit for acquiring high-resolution subsurface images that can be delivered faster and at a lower cost. By providing integrated solutions that close the gaps in seismic workflow, ION significantly improves image quality and reduces the risks associated with oil and gas exploration and reservoir development and production.

We have positioned ourselves with the equipment, technology and people necessary to take on the toughest challenges in E&P exploration. Our history has proven our dedication to innovation, and we are committed to advancing our technology and services to solve the toughest imaging and operational challenges in the industry.

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