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The Gretzer Group, Inc.
7734 Portal
Houston, TX 77071

tel: (713) 777-5932
fax: (713) 779-0444

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The Gretzer Group, Inc.
The Gretzer Group
Recruitment Support, Relocation & Real Estate for Healthcare Professionals

The Gretzer Group has successfully recruited and relocated thousands of professionals in the healthcare industry, helping to shape Houston and the Texas Medical Center as a renowned and leading source of healthcare services and research. By attracting world-class professionals through an alliance of specialists who provide recruitment support, relocation and real estate services, The Gretzer Group guarantees their clients a commitment of excellence.

Recognizing the unique lifestyle needs of healthcare professionals, The Gretzer Group has become an essential partner with medical institutions and companies to assess, develop and implement recruitment and relocation policies. Tailored programs meet the specific objectives, needs, and goals of each client.

The designed framework systematically accomplishes a fruitful recruitment with comprehensive area orientation, cost effective real estate transactions, monetary savings for the candidates, and assured retention.

Additional support is offered throughout the process to ensure a stress free transition and it is this level of dedication which often leads to clients continuing to utilize The Gretzer Group’s real estate services and recommending them to their friends and family
members. The Gretzer Group’s un-matched attention to detail has garnered national attention.

Since Barbara Gretzer established The Gretzer Group over fifteen years ago, she and her organization have not only contributed to Houston’s healthcare community but to patients who benefited from such exceptional medical care as well. As a board member of the Texas Medical Center Orchestra, Barbara has worked with this community orchestra to bring musical entertainment to the public as well as raise funds for local charities through its concerts. Barbara was also instrumental in developing the TMC Orchestra’s Gran Fondo for April, 2012.

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