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Buffalo Marine Service, Inc.
8201 East Erath Street
Houston, TX 77012

tel: (713) 923-5571
fax: (713) 923-5304

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Buffalo Marine Service, Inc.
Buffalo Marine Service, Inc.
Ambassadors of the Port

Situated on the banks of the original Buffalo Bayou since its creation in 1961, Buffalo Marine Service, Inc., is the region’s premier marine transportation company. From its humble beginnings in the shadow of Brady’s Island with two pushboats and two bunker barges, Buffalo Marine’s mission of fueling ships from around the globe in a just-in-time environment laid the foundation for its current fleet of 17 pushboats and
31 tank barges. This extraordinary growth in a very competitive market reflects the company’s penchant to exceed expectations while delivering excellence each and every time one of its bunker barges fuels an oceangoing vessel.

Buffalo Marine’s owner and president, Pat Studdert, stresses to his crews that they are, “ambassadors of the port. No matter where we fuel ships—be it Corpus Christi, Port Arthur, Mobile, Alabama or all points in between—in many cases you are the first person that the Chief Engineer greets in the United States.” Studdert underscores to his team of seafarers that first impressions are lasting impressions. Consequently, it is imperative that they wear the Buffalo Marine uniform with pride and always respect the various cultures they encounter while conducting fueling operations.

The pace of operations that Buffalo Marine manages in a port that never sleeps is quite impressive. Mariners that ply the Houston Ship Channel always cross paths with the Buffalo-blue tows adorned with the trademark black-star flag. Not content to limit its services to bunkering, in the last decade, Buffalo Marine has expanded its services to the transport of petroleum cargoes throughout the Gulf Coast’s inland marketplace. Whether it is the movement of asphalt on the lower Mississippi River or the transport of molten sulfur from a refinery in Lake Charles, Buffalo Marine’s crews are cross-trained to handle a variety of cargo at any number of terminals. Indeed, the company prides itself on designing some of the fastest and most fuel-efficient tows in the industry so its customers have an edge on the competition.

Most importantly, Buffalo Marine fosters an ethos of safety and compliance. Operational excellence is more than the timely delivery of product; it embodies a pollution-free and injury-absent workplace and a culture to keep it so. Training to respond to a variety of scenarios no matter how small is second nature because the team at Buffalo Marine is keenly aware of the unique hazards involved with living aboard a vessel in the nation’s busiest port. Life aboard a tow is not about self-preservation; rather it is the knowledge that your shipmates always will be there for you. Buffalo Marine is the successful and thriving marine transportation that it is today because its commitment to serve others begins with its owner and is reinforced rigorously day in and day out.

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