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Bredero Shaw
3838 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. East, Suite 300
Houston, TX 77032-3405

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Bredero Shaw
Bredero Shaw
Global leader in pipe coating solutions

With a rich history of proven experience dating back to the 1930s, Bredero Shaw
is the preferred pipeline protection choice of major energy industry clients around the world as a global leader in pipe coating solutions. With more than 80 years of experience, an extensive global network of strategically located plants, the largest team of dedicated pipe coating professionals and proven innovative coating technologies, Bredero Shaw has protected more than 400,000 kilometers of pipelines worldwide.

Bredero Shaw’s areas of expertise include onshore pipelines across a variety of environments, offshore pipelines servicing fields in deep and cold waters, pipelines that bring clean water to global populations and oil sands pipelines for resource extraction and transportation. With the ever changing needs and developments in these fields, Bredero Shaw employs a dedicated research and development team of more than 50 engineers and scientists committed to supporting the needs of their customers and meeting industry demands.

Bredero Shaw offers end-to-end coating solutions for anticorrosion, flow assurance, thermal insulation, buoyancy control, mechanical protection and internal flow efficiency by designing and applying the widest range of factory coatings available and complemented by high performance field joint coating systems.Bredero Shaw is also a global leader in the development and management of innovative portable coating technologies. The company maintains a fleet of advanced mobile coating facilities and equipment that can be stationed strategically near any oil and gas field, pipeline right-of-way, key marine waterway, rail site or trucking route.

While its head office is located in Houston, Bredero Shaw’s many facilities are strategically located in key regions around the world for optimal project response and supply-chain logistics. The Bredero Shaw facilities are equipped with the technological resources and proven expertise needed to maintain the highest standards in project execution. Project support is managed through regional and country offices where Bredero Shaw personnel are well aware of the business challenges their customers face. Bredero Shaw is dedicated to fully supporting clients with all their coating projects requirements, including specifications and standards development, procurement and quality assurance of raw materials, delivery and stockpiling of pipe, engineering design, pipe coating, logistical analysis, transportation of pipe in accordance to client requirements, end-to-end solutions while continually improving our health, safety and environmental performance.

Furthermore, Bredero Shaw employees know how important it is to be committed
to the communities in which they live. They support a variety of charitable events and great causes, such as the American Heart Association, the National Multiple
Sclerosis Society and the Race for the Cure, by participating in fund-raising events for
research, assistance and services to those in need and public education projects.

Bredero Shaw’s parent company, ShawCor Limited, a Canadian company, established
its dominant position in its markets through an unwavering focus on flawless execution, technological innovation, organizational excellence and global growth. ShawCor operates through seven wholly owned business units: Bredero Shaw, Canusa-CPS, DSG-Canusa, Flexpipe Systems, Guardian, Shaw Pipeline Services and ShawFlex. With a network of more than 70 modern manufacturing and service facilities in more than 20 countries with more than 5,000 employees, ShawCor services the world’s primary energy producing regions on each of its industries’ growth frontiers.

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