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Integrated Geophysics Corporation

Integrated, multi-science structural interpretations now represent the state of the art in exploration and production. In the 28 years since IGC was founded, the practice of integrated structural interpretation based on seismic, gravity and magnetics data has moved from avant garde to a standard practice essential to cost and risk management.

Integrated interpretations have proven their value in both identifying areas of interest within a broad region and in clarifying structure in specific areas. In some situations gravity and magnetics are the only way to get a reliable picture of a prospective play. They also provide valuable guidance to optimize the value of proposed seismic surveys.

IGC is proud to play a significant role in the development and advancement of this technology. “We have always worked hard to stay at the leading edge of the technology to give our clients the best tools for high confidence targeted decisions,” says Corine Prieto, founder and president of IGC. One example is IGC’s VIDL? online data storage, viewing and retrieval tool.

Deeper prospects and higher investments necessitate the best possible structural definition
The industry now recognizes that defining basement is essential to understanding the dynamics of hydrocarbon accumulation and migration. As an example, more than 75 percent of reported oil/gas reserves in the deep water region of the Gulf of Mexico correlate to structural basement highs or associated faults. Integrated interpretations with gravity and magnetics provide a unique picture of the basement topography below the sediments in geographical areas where the resolution of seismic fades out.

IGC provides a remarkable body of expertise

The science has advanced along several fronts including more-precise, higher-resolution data, subtle and powerful analytics and presentation mapping. IGC’s knowledge of the tools and strategic relationships with data survey and vendor companies mean clients have access to the most viable data and can expect to extract the maximum information it can provide.

Equally important is the body of regional experience that IGC has built. Area-specific geological experience is critical to an insightful interpretation. It might be a frontier area for a new IGC client but more than likely one of IGC’s geophysicists has been there.

An interpretation, not a study
IGC personnel recognize that clients want information that can help them with their investment decisions. Studies with a lot of “maybe’s” don’t help. IGC clients receive candid, actionable interpretations.
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