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SunAmerica Financial Group
2929 Allen Parkway - AT 35
Houston, TX 77019

tel: (713) 522-1111
fax: (713) 831-3451

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SunAmerica Financial Group
Experience • Strenght • Balance

Companies that you have known and trusted for decades are now joined together in one group. Deeply experienced and financially strong, with a balanced portfolio of products, services and distribution partners, SunAmerica Financial Group’s mission is to advise Americans and help them to secure a safe and strong financial future.

We are one of the largest life insurance organizations in the United States. A leading provider of both fixed and variable annuities. An innovator in retirement planning, savings and investment products and guaranteed income solutions. A pioneer in the non-profit workplace, such as K-12 schools, colleges and healthcare institutions, for group retirement savings plans. A leader in the term and universal life insurance markets. And a large and growing network of financial advisors and insurance agents.

We are a proud and loyal group of companies, with long, successful histories. Together, we represent financial strength and a competitive force in today’s financial services marketplace, and three of our flagship businesses are proud to call Houston home.

American General Life Companies has been protecting the hopes and dreams of American families since 1850 and offers a product portfolio that includes a full line of life insurance, deferred and payout annuities, accident & health products, worksite and group benefits.

Western National Life has been the number one provider of fixed annuity products in the bank marketplace for 14 consecutive years and offers innovative products tailored to the needs of serious-minded savers, seeking guaranteed fixed investment returns and peace of mind.

VALIC is a market leader in group retirement savings plans for schools (elementary through higher education) and health care institutions, providing a broad range of products and services that meet the retirement savings and guaranteed income needs of over two million customers.

SunAmerica Financial Group member companies have been providing financial solutions to clients for over 150 years. We serve over 19 million customers and our employees are dedicated to serving the communities where they live and work by volunteering their time and donating to organizations that are focused on making a difference in people’s lives.

We owe our success to one simple principle − being a loyal partner of American families and the representatives that help safeguard their security. We remain focused on what really matters − caring for our customers and helping to keep their families financially secure. This has been, and always will be, what you can count on from SunAmerica Financial Group.
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